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Anna is the President and Director of an Italian anti trafficking organization called Alleanza Tesori Raggianti (Radiant Treasures Alliance). She is married to Bruno and they have two beautiful children.

She earned her law degree at the University of Bologna with her thesis being on national and international law regarding human trafficking. After graduating she began helping with an outreach ministry with her local church to reach women on the streets of Bologna trapped in human trafficking. This eventually lead to her working with the Alleanza Tesori Raggianti. Her heart is to help free women who are trapped in impossible trafficking situations and to show them the love of Jesus. At ATR their approach in helping these victims is very holistic as they seek to help the not just be freed from their traffickers, but also help them to reintegrate into society through counseling, language learning, teaching them practical life skills, and if possible, teaching them a practical trade so they might be able to have a job and earn a living. 

Within that, they have also opened a safe-house for victims where they can find refuge and healing during this process. 

Italy is one of the top destinations in the world for victims of sexual exploitation. Its proximity to Northern Africa and Eastern Europe has made it a prime transit country for trafficking. Unfortunately prostitution is also in high demand in Italy, with 45% of Italian men purchasing sex at least once a year. Combine that with lenient laws and organized crime and one can easily see why there is such a need for people like Anna who are called, gifted, and willing to do this important work. Anna’s desire is to be able to work in full-time ministry for ATR. Please consider supporting her in the amazing work she is doing to help free these precious women and lead them to Jesus. 


To learn more, please visit ATR’s English website.


Bologna, Italy


President & Director, ATR


Alleanza Tesori Raggianti,

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