Mission & Vision

Pray For Italy exists to inform and connect individuals and churches in America to missions opportunities throughout Italy. Having served in Italy from late 2017 through 2021, we had the privilege to serve alongside and build relationships with national pastors, church planters, and parachurch workers. While we believe missions should be an integral part of a church’s outreach, our experience in Italy showed us that the traditional model of using sending agencies to send American missionaries there just isn’t working. There is a better way we can serve our Italian brothers and sisters in the Gospel work they are doing. Our ministry seeks to support and encourage the work that God is already doing in Italy by encouraging direct partnerships with existing Italian ministries and creating recourses to help the American church learn how to they can do that well. We long to see lives transformed by the Gospel and the people of Italy worshiping God together in healthy, reproducing churches.  And we believe that creating direct partnerships with national Italian pastors is that best way to accomplish that mission.

Italians on mission


Long term, our main goal is to help support and equip Italian believers whom God has gifted and raised up, to do the Gospel work to which God has called them. We plan to accomplish this mission in a number of different ways:

  1. Prayer. Please join us in praying for these dear brothers and sisters in Christ. The journey in ministry in Italy can be discouraging, long, and difficult. They need our prayers and encouragement as they face the challenges that come with sharing the Gospel in such a lost place.
  2. Financial Support. Our Italian brothers and sisters who are seeking to work in full-time ministry, need our financial support desperately. There are many reasons for this. To learn more about this struggle, please read more here.
  3. Providing Resources. Along with providing financial support, we seek to help provide resources and access to any training that might be beneficial to Italian ministers and their particular ministries.
  4. Providing Respite and Encouragement.  We hope to do this in a couple of ways. The first is by making periodic visits to these brothers and sisters, to encourage them and create deeper, more personal partnerships between them and their supporters here in the States. The second is by providing them with a place of respite in our home in Kansas City, as a get-away when they come to the U.S. or to provide them with any support raising help they may need while here.

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