Project Description

ALBA Community Safe House & Recovery Program

Alba means “sunrise” in Italian. It is symbolic of our conviction that new beginnings are possible for treasures who are given the opportunity to break free from the darkness of commercial sexual exploitation. Our heart is to see them awaken to newness of life and to find true hope in the light of Christ.

While Italy is an iconic country renowned for its ancient ruins, artistic masterpieces, and culinary creations, it is also becoming known as a top destination in the world for commercial sex trafficking. Prostitution has been legal in Italy for over 50 years and traffickers have developed an extensive network that is alive and well today. For more information about this ministry, please visit


Northern Italy


Safe house,
Recovery Program


Although you can make a financial contribution to ALBA any time of year, their large annual fundraiser is a virtual run/jog/walk/bike/swim event hosted every October. All contributions to ALBA directly fund the Safe House and Recovery Program. For the most up-to-date info about this virtual event, please visit the Facebook Group page.